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Popular hardened ex-convict who went viral reported missing



The update was shared by his neighbour, Patrick Donkor, in an interview with Kwaku Manu, in a video published on May 26, 2023.

According to Patrick Donkor, the ex-convict, who has now been identified as Dinda, has not returned home for over four days, which is unlikely of him.

He added that, while some neighbours are contemplating he might have been arrested during his operation, others also think, he might be dead.

“He’s called Dinda. We have heard that someone has died at Breman Brusakuruwa, others too are saying he might have been hospitalised, others too say he might be at KATH. However, even if he is at the hospital, he has to call, so we know his whereabouts. But for me, I have told them, we should go and check the mortuary. He left home on Sunday evening, and he is yet to come back. Today is Thursday,” he told Kwaku Manu in the interview monitored by GhanaWeb.

Patrick Donkor, who is also a former drug addict and armed robber, narrated the culture of the neighbourhood.

“Mostly, he returns at 2:30 am from his operations. In this neighbourhood, if someone goes for an operation and doesn’t return by 8am, it is assumed, the person has been arrested. 4pm, means he is either at the hospital or dead. If it moves to the next day, then we are all convinced the person is dead, especially if we don’t hear from him.”

However, he reiterated that, if the rumours that he went for an operation at Breman Abusuakuruwa, a suburb of Kumasi, in the Ashanti Region, is true, then, the probability, he might be dead could be high.

“You only go for operation at Breman Abusuakuruwa, if you know you will die soon. At Breman UGC, you will be killed during the operation. At first, they used to cut your legs and head when the mob arrests you. But they now inflict heavy cutlass wounds on your body, which will definitely kill you,” he vividly explained.

Kwaku Manu, in his interview, disclosed that he returned to the house, to donate an amount of GHC300 to Dinda. An amount given to him by a Ghanaian in the Diaspora, after watching his interview.

The Kumawood actor released his interview with Dinda 10 days ago. The video, which garnered over 105K views, went viral when it was disclosed that Dinda had robbed the host of the show previously.

How Dinda got the deep scars on his body

The ex-convict disclosed that he suffered deep cutlass wounds and gunshots during some of his robbery acts.

He narrated this: “I went back to Kumasi after my stay in Cape Coast and continued my robbery job. At Danyame, from 12am to 2am, that was my operation time. I entered walled and gated houses to steal from them.

“Unfortunately, in one of my escapades, the man was not asleep. So immediately I jumped into house and entered his room, he attacked me with a cutlass from behind.

“I first saved myself with my hands, then the third landed on my head. He thought I was dead due to the heavy cutlass wounds inflicted on me. I was dumped at Danyame Milkin Hotel area. I woke up to find myself in a pool of water. This was the second time I had another serious cutlass wound. I didn’t go to the hospital, I was scared I would be reported to the police. I sought treatment from a herbalist.

“The first was at Kwadaso Asuom in Mallam Zack’s house. In that house, he was praying when I entered. I succeeded in stealing his phone and wallet and was about to jump the wall. Then I heard a gunshot. Unfortunately, I was apprehended by the area guys when I managed to jump the wall.

“I was attacked by the mob, stripped naked and dumped at Sofoline. I couldn’t even open my eyes. So, the second robbery, it was my idea to stop after that. I still have some bullets under my skin as a result of the gunshot.”

He stated that he has now retired from the robbery profession, knowing that it has become riskier now.



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