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Pastor’s wife fights chorister for having affair her with husband

A disturbing video that is going viral on the internet shows a church pastor’s wife fighting with another woman in a dirty way inside the church.

At the moment, it’s not clear what started the fight, but it’s said that the Pastor’s Wife was fighting the church member, who is said to be the daughter of the Church’s Deacon, because the woman is having an affair with the Pastor.

It’s not easy to be a pastor’s wife. You don’t just marry a pastor because you want to be called “mummy,” “first lady,” or “spiritual mother.”

Getting married to a pastor is a calling with tough duties. People want you to fail, some want to take your place, and they will judge you even when you are right. You always worry that your husband will leave you for the church, especially NOWADAYS when women are fighting to be the pastor’s favorite.

Also, the church is supposed to be a place of peace where all problems are solved, whether they are physical or spiritual.

But when the church as a place of worship comes up these days, things are seen in a different light.

On the internet, there is a video of a serious fight between the pastor’s wife and another woman in a church.

Commentary on the video says that the fight was between a pastor’s wife and the daughter of the Church’s deaconess, who had allegedly been caught with the pastor in an uncompromising position.


Source: Club Mate

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