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Question on #FixTheCountry pops up in UG School of Law exams


University of Ghana School of Law building

#FixTheCountry popped up in an examination question for students at the University of Ghana School of Law during a recent exams.

The first question of the Post First Degree Bachelor of Law (LL.B) Entrance Exams 2021 asked students to outline steps they will consider in a first meeting to plan the next protests.

Oliver Barker-Vormawor, a convenor of the movement posted a photo of the said question paper on Facebook and sarcastically said the School of Law had set the new protest date for August 28.

The question read as follows: “You are one of the convenors of #FixTheCountry, a civil society organization that is engaged in a series of activities aimed at ensuring better governance in Ghana. At a recent meeting of all trhe convenors, you were asked to chair a meeting to plan a peaceful march through the principal streets of Accra on 28th August 2021.

“In no more than two (2) pages of your answer booklet, list five (5) key considerations that your committee would discuss at the maiden meeting scheduled for 8th of August 2021.

“For each of the key considerations listed, state very briefly why it is important to discuss it at the meeting.”

Campaigners held their first street protest on August 4, 2021 – Founders’ Day – when hundreds of predominantly young people thronged the streets of Accra to protest bad governance and demand political accountability.

Leaders of the group have said the August 4 march was a successful first which will be replicated across the country in due course.


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