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One of Afia Schwarzenegger’s friends committed murder in Kumasi and fled to Accra – Ayisha Modi alleges



More insults and allegations are pouring in from Ayisha Modi amidst her fresh altercation with Afia Schwarzenegger.

Afia Schwarzenegger has since not spared Ayisha, following the latter’s interview with Angel FM where she resuscitated their longstanding feud.

The internet has since witnessed Afia’s back-to-back videos full of verbal attacks and damning allegations against Ayisha Modi.

In one of the videos, Afia directed the attacks at Ayisha Modi’s family and the latter isn’t taking things lightly.

In a bid to hit her where it hurts the most, Ayisha in a rebuttal, alleged that Afia Schwarzenegger has become a ‘demi god’ to some of her friends because she holds their deadliest of secrets.

Ayisha made these statements while establishing that she won’t be gagged because Afia has no grip on her.

In a barrage of allegations, Ayisha claimed that one of Afia Schwarzenegger’s friends fled to Accra after committing murder in Kumasi, while others extorted money from a certain Mahama.

“You think you can talk ill about everyone and get away with it. People owe allegiance to you, and people are scared to criticize you because you are holding their secrets. You have friends that stole Mahama’s money. You have a friend that killed someone in Kumasi and fled to Accra. You don’t have any grip on me and I am not one of those people.

“You have the nerve to insult my family. Unlike you, I come from a well-to-do family. Unlike you, I have rich parents. If your mother had trained you well, you wouldn’t be sleeping with anyone or anything for money. Before you insult anyone, take a critical look at your family,” Ayisha claimed.

How Afia and Ayisha’s recent fight started

Ayisha Modi was hosted by popular AngelFM presenter, Ohemaa Woyeje, where the former made some disparaging comments about Afia Schwarzenegger.

Ayisha tackled issues pertaining to her relationship with Abass Sarki, as well as her countless feuds with the likes of Afia Schwarzenegger, Diamond Appiah, and Tracey Boakye, among others.

She resuscitated her feud with these three socialites while labelling them as prostitutes and ‘dragged them in the mud’ once again.

Ayisha stressed claims that these individuals live a fake lifestyle, adding that Afia Schwarzenegger, in particular, is a beneficiary of her benevolence.

Ayisha Modi recalled an instance when she even bought a mobile phone for Afia Schwarzenegger and even fed her at a point.

“I don’t engage in unnecessary feuds with someone I have once fed. I bought a phone for her some time ago, I called you to tell you about it, do you remember? A lot of these women engage in sexual bouts before they are able to feed themselves. They make money off men. A lot of them, including the likes of Afia Schwarzenegger, Tracey Boakye, and Diamond Appiah. Ask Tracey Boakye where she got her money from. I won’t delve into that issue now. They are all fake,” Ayisha stated on Ohemaa Woyeje’s show.

But a displeased Afia in a sharp rebuttal, said,

“I was sitting down peacefully when you bought perfume for me, claiming that you will like to be my friend. I didn’t even appreciate the gesture because I never wanted you as a friend. As for the phone, I have given it out to one of my family members. Who do you feed? Can you feed my dog? Will you be able to afford the wee I smoke? All your family members are fools.”



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