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NPA seizes 181,000 litres of smuggled crude oil and diesel in Western Region



During separate operations conducted by the Ghana Navy and Marine Police, a total of 108,000 litres of diesel and 73,000 litres of crude oil were impounded from smugglers operating on the high seas.

Sandra Aidoo, the Western Regional Manager of NPA, revealed this information during a media engagement held in Takoradi on June 1, 2023.

According to Aidoo, the smugglers involved in the diesel seizure have been apprehended and are currently facing trial. As for the crude oil, the smugglers managed to evade capture, but the confiscated product has been transported to Accra, with further details to be disclosed to the public.

Aidoo emphasized that the activities of these smugglers are not only undermining NPA’s operations but also impacting the quality of fuel supplied at retail stations.

“Unscrupulous filling station owners purchase these untaxed products at lower prices, posing a risk to consumers. The NPA is determined to prevent such products from entering the market, ensuring the distribution of safe and regulated fuel,” she stressed.

Ms. Aidoo continued, “We initially confiscated 108,000 litres of diesel on the high seas in January. The smugglers were arrested and are currently standing trial. The other was in April when 73,000 litres of crude oil was confiscated.

“As part of our monitoring exercises, four retail outlets that did not meet our score were closed down. They are not operating as I speak because they do not meet our requirements,” she is quoted to have said by

During the media engagement, the NPA highlighted its efforts to enforce operational requirements and maintain standards in the petroleum downstream industry.

In addition, the NPA working closely with security agencies have been able to close down and revoke the licenses of four non-compliant filling stations in the region.

Ms. Farida Ali-Musah, the Legal Manager at the Legal Directorate of NPA, mentioned that the Authority has been granted prosecutorial powers by the Attorney General to combat crimes within the oil supply chain.

Mr. Dominic Aboagye, the Head of Planning at NPA on his part provided insights into the country’s fuel consumption, revealing that 80 percent of the demand is met through imports while the remaining 20 percent is produced domestically.

In an effort to boost local production, the government and private sector are collaborating on initiatives, including the construction of a refinery by a private entity.

The NPA’s actions demonstrate its commitment to combating illegal activities within the oil sector, ensuring the supply of high-quality fuel and protecting the interests of consumers.



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