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No bed at Korle Bu for girl dying from kidney disease; UGMC demands ‘cash and carry’



An 11-year-old girl Linda Mirekua dying from kidney disease has reportedly been denied admission at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital over the unavailability of medical bed.

Mirekua from Nobi, a farming community in Abuakwa North Municipality has been diagnosed of kidney disease but left to die in the house due to the inability of her physically challenged poor mother to foot the cost of her dialysis.

Her condition worsened in recent times and was admitted at Akyem Tafo Government Hospital.

Linda’s situation was posted on a local social media platform where Ghc6,000 was mobilized from contribution of philanthropists for dialysis service at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital.

However, Korle Bu Teaching Hospital on Wednesday, February 16, 2023, reportedly denied her admission over the unavailability of bed.

Management of Akyem Tafo Hospital further contacted University of Ghana Medical Center (UGMC) to refer Linda Mirekua but UGMC is demanding the patient pays Ghc8,000 medical bill arrears owed the facility last year and be prepared for “cash and carry” before she will be admitted for the dialysis service.

Linda Mirekua is stranded at Akyem Tafo Government hospital as her condition deteriorates.

Nurses at the hospital have been contributing to support her feeding and other needs.

An Assembly Member, William Kofi Afari Agyemang, fronting mobilization of financial contributions to support the little girl told Starr News “she was supposed to go Accra yesterday for her dialysis after mobilizing about GHC 6000 for her. The health officer at the Tafo Hospital made some calls to get bed available before she is transported. The first call was made to Korle Bu Teaching Hospital and we were told there is no bed to admit her for her case for now.”

He continued: ” Second call went to Legon UGMC where they told us Little Linda is owing the facility Ghc8,000 so they have to pay those arrears and should prepare for cash down service before she will be admitted.



“But now the money we have been able to mobilize is Ghc6,000 which cannot even settle the arrears at UGMC.So in short Linda is still at the Tafo hospital where we are managing the situation till we get a green light from Korle Bu Teaching Hospital. We are still calling on Philanthropists to support us.”

According to Medical Doctors, the most common causes of kidney disease in children are kidney birth defects, genetic diseases, kidney infection, nephrotic syndrome, systemic diseases, kidney trauma or injury problems with the urinary system.

Linda’s ailment almost truncated her education.


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