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Nigerian Scammer on defrauding spree and living large finally busted

A self-styled Nigerian businessman who within a fortnight succeeded in defrauding several business owners within Kumasi and Accra has finally been arrested.

The man believed to be in his early 40s, goes to Spas, Resorts and Luxury Hotels where he books for facilities and thereafter absconds without paying a dime.

Several business owners who confirmed being scammed by him in Kumasi, revealed they lost several thousands of cedis as a result.

He used the same modus operandi in Ada Foah and other places but luck eluded him when he was arrested in Accra in his bid to play smart.

According to MyNewsGh.com confirmed sources, he was arrested at Dansoman and upon his arrest several victims showed up.

One of such persons who was victim is the Managing Director of The Cradle salon and spa.
“This gentleman came to the spa about a month ago and scammed us to the tune of 2,070ghc.
He did full body hot stone massage, full body scrubbing, sauna, 24k gold facial, waxing and private part treatment(private part facial) armpit waxing , spa pedicure and manicure etc.

Made my staff wash and dry his clothe in the washing machine, prepared nespresso for him and even ordered expensive food from the restaurant downstairs and said he was going to pay together when he’s done with his services. When he was done he asked one of the staff to escort him to withdraw money from the bank since he was low on cash.

They walked past his taxi he came in(and the driver was inside) and walked a bit further from the spa. Then he told my girl that he left his ATM and check books in the taxi and he’s so fat so he cannot walk back to the spa therefore my girl should quickly come for it from the taxi. My girl got to the taxi and realized it’s a scam”, she recounted

Source: MyNewsGh.com

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