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Man, 49, kills girlfriend for receiving GHS70 from another man

Recently, a jealous man broke the law and brutally killed his girlfriend because he thought she was cheating on him.

The suspect, whose name is Vundla and is 49 years old, stabbed his long-term girlfriend more than five times in the chest. He says he did this because he thought she was cheating on him when she got $5 from another guy. The sad event was said to have happened in the Esigodini district of Zimbabwe on November 30, 2022.

It was also said that after killing his girlfriend in a brutal way, he kept her body for two days and had sweet sex with it. On the third day, he tried to kill himself by drinking an insecticide bottle, but a neighbor stopped him and helped him.

Some people who knew both the suspect and his girlfriend said that they have been together for a while, but that they usually fight.

So, about a week ago, while holding his girlfriend’s phone, the jealous boyfriend saw that someone had sent her $5 in mobile money.

Then, the boyfriend got mad and asked her who sent her the money. She did not say anything, though.

So, they got into a fight, and he killed her very cruelly by stabbing her. After he killed her, he put her body in his room and slept with it for two nights. Later, people who lived nearby found him and took him to jail.

The judge, Ms. Nokukhanya Moyo, said that on November 30, Vundla was accused of killing his 39-year-old girlfriend Sithokozile Sibanda.

“Vundla and his girlfriend got into a fight on November 7 after she got money from another man that she wanted to use for bus fare. This led to a misunderstanding, and the person who was accused ended up killing the woman by cutting her in the stomach with a sharp object.


Vundla kept the body in his home and slept with it. On November 10, he drank a pesticide to try to kill himself. He asked for help at a neighbor’s house, which let everyone know what was going on.

Source: Zimbabwe Online

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