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National Security operative allegedly beats wife to pulp for chatting man on Facebook



The family of a 44-year-old woman who was allegedly physically assaulted by her husband, a National Security operative, is calling on the Inspector General of Police to come to their aid to ensure that the man is prosecuted.

The woman, Habiba Halid, who is now seeking refuge in her family house at Ablekuma Oduman, explained in an interview with GhOne TV that her husband, Ibrahim Mohammed, alias Figo, beat her up because she was chatting with an online friend.

She explained that on the day she was assaulted (January 20, 2023), the man walked in on her having a chat on her phone with the said friend on Facebook.

Confronted, she told him that the person she was chatting with was only a friend she knows on the microblogging site and that he was not even in the country.

She continued that he actually followed up to chat with the person to confirm but he returned not convinced by the answers he received.

Habiba, a mother of 4, added that her husband then threatened her life.

“I’m feeling pains all over my body and my head. My teeth; I can’t chew food properly. I have never cheated on him since we got married; I have never. He was even asking, who is that friend and where did I meet him? I said I just met him on Facebook. And he asked me where is the friend living and I said the friend is not even in Ghana; he’s just a friend.

“And he confronted the guy and the guy told him that we are just friends. He used a knife to threaten me too, so, he said I should pack my things if I don’t want to be dead in his house,” she narrated.

According to Habiba, who currently has blood clots in both eyes and on her left shoulder following the severe punching her husband, Ibrahim Mohammed, gave her, the assault started long before their marriage 10 years ago.

She also accused him of insecurity and non-communication, adding that this compelled her to fall on friends on social media for companionship.

“Men used to approach me and so he got jealous and then he started doing those things. Even before this one happened, he used to beat me… when people wanted to help me, he scared them away,” she added.

On the part of her family, where she is currently seeking refuge at, they want the law to take its course.

They appealed that the police will come in and ensure that they get justice for their sister and relative.

“Right now, we are only pleading with the IGP; we want him to intervene for us because we don’t know what is going to happen,” one of her relatives told GhOne TV.

The matter has since been reported to the Amasaman branch of the Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit (DOVVSU) of the Ghana Police Service for legal action.




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