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Mosi Akuraa residents cry for help over ‘death trap’ school building



Pupils and parents of Mosi Akuraa Basic School in the Kintampo South District of the Bono East Region are appealing for urgent assistance due to the deteriorating condition of their school building.

The school’s infrastructure has become unsafe, forcing students to learn under dire circumstances.

The farming community’s basic school has been left in a state of disrepair, compelling parents to send their children to nearby communities for education, despite financial constraints.

Classes are often cancelled during rainfall, disrupting the students’ academic progress.

In an interview with Adom News, the head teacher of Mosi Akuraa Basic School, Mr. Minni Timothy, expressed his deep concern over the situation.

He highlighted that the school’s current state is severely impacting the pupils’ education and called for immediate intervention to prevent further decline.

The pupils themselves described the difficulties they face, noting that the inadequate facilities hinder their ability to learn effectively.

They expressed a desire for a safer and more conducive learning environment to focus on their studies without fear of building collapse or rain disruptions.

The community of Mosi Akuraa is calling for urgent support to address the critical educational needs and ensure a safe and conducive environment for their children’s learning.

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