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Master KG flexes different, say he was overcharged because of his whip



Master KG's lavish lifestyle maid a service provider change his mind about his fee

Master KG’s lavish lifestyle maid a service provider change his mind about his fee 

Producer and DJ Master KG thinks he is being overcharged for a service because of the type of car he drives.

The Jerusalema hitmaker believes having a posh house and owning a Ferrari is the reason he was recently overcharged for services.

Master KG alleged that an unnamed service provider spoke to the musician’s father and agreed to a fee over the phone, but when he arrived and spotted his Ferrari parked at his home, he changed his mind about the agreed amount.

The producer said he couldn’t wiggle himself out of the situation and headed out to the TL to see if people were going through the same kind of problem.

“Is it me or sometimes people will want to charge you according to what you have? My pa spoke to this ninja on a call and they agreed and he came to my crib to work and after seeing the ‘Rari and all that he asked for more money.”

One fan made an observation that this is nothing new and said most independent contractors are undercharging and once they see the workload they increase their fee.

Another to,d him to hide the “Rari” next time he needs a service.

While some of his fans couldn’t really relate to the issue because of different tax brackets, one wrote that she is going through a similar situation. Whenever the landlord sees her buying herself stuff, she apparently increases the rent.

Master KG has had a lot of wins this year and  recently celebrated a huge milestone. His album with the hit song Jerusalema reached more than 300-million streams on Spotify.

He also bought a R28k leather jacket the other day so he’s definitely guaped.

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