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Man uses poisoned yoghurt and fan milk to ‘kill’ pregnant girlfriend and son



This report was contained in a video posted by Accra-based UTV which was sighted by GhanaWeb.

The suspect whose name is given as, Isaac Kwadwo Nyarko, 28 and a welder, allegedly murdered his pregnant wife; Agnes Duah, 27 and Emmanuel Twumasi, 7 in cold blood on May 27, 2023.

According to the report, the suspect after allegedly killing the two, escaped to Kwamankese near Mankessim in the Central Region.

The suspect is reported to have admitted to the crime committed when he was apprehended and arrested by the police in Anwiankwata.

“He explains that he was in a relationship with the lady, but he didn’t reside in the Anwiankwata community, he moved from another place to visit the lady. They had an argument in a time past that resulted in him taking everything he got for the lady. He later resented his decision and returned them because she was his girlfriend and pregnant,” the report said.

The report continued to narrate that the suspect claimed nagging from Agnes his girlfriend during his visits led him to believe that she no longer had feelings for him, even though she was carrying his child.

“Ever since he returned the things, the lady nags every time he visits. That made him conclude that the lady doesn’t love him any longer even after carrying his baby. On that fateful day [May 27] when he was visiting, he bought and poisoned yoghurt and fan milk for the lady to eat. After which she became weak. While at that, he used a sharpened cutlass and a hoe-like tool which he had on him to jab the neck of the lady to the extent that her head went off her body,” the report added.

Upon committing the crime, he was slipped by the oozing blood and accidentally woke his son who was asleep and killed him as well.

“After killing her, the blood that oozed from the body caused him to slip and accidentally stepped on the hand of the kid who was asleep. When he woke up, the son asked, ‘Daddy so you have killed mummy’. When he heard that from his son, he concluded that a child who could be conscious enough to make such remarks could testify against him. So, he used the tool he used in the killing his mother to chop off the head of the boy just as he did to his mother. After the act, he used a padlock to lock up the room as though there was no one available and run away,” the narration continued.

The report added that three days later, the community, on suspicion of the absence of Agnes and her son, reported to the police.

“Upon not seeing Agnes and his son, the community members went to the police station to report that the said lady and her son have not been seen for three days now. The police went to their house to break the door to the room only to meet the rotting bodies of the lady and her son in the room. The police went on a manhunt for him only to append him and he confessed to committing the crime,” the report stated.



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