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Man kills 7-year-old niece for money rituals at Wassa Nkyirifi



A 37-year-old farmer by name Augustine in the Wassa Nkyirifi farming community of the Western Region, has allegedly murdered his 7-year-old niece for money rituals.

The suspect was apprehended after he nicodemously killed, beheaded, and buried the 7-year-old in a bush. He then reported to the police and then made several public service announcements to report her missing.

According to the police, the suspect went through an intense interrogation due to his questionable body language, inconsistencies in story, and a lack of convincing responses to questions about his missing niece.

Bursting into tears, Augustine confessed to killing young Sandy Manu for the purpose of money rituals.

Additional information sighted by GhanaWeb on says that, the suspect had complained to an older man, about his financial status, and the man in turn told him to engage in money rituals by using one of his nieces.

The suspect visited a spiritualist, who requested the head of his niece and that was when he beheaded her.

Agustine led the police to the location of the body, and it was exhumed and then sent to the morgue. The head was also exhumed from a different location.

The suspect remains in police custody.

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