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Man, 22, allegedly shot dead at Chinese mining site



A security official of Chinese illegal miners has allegedly shot to death a 22-year-old young man, Kwaku Etsi, at Hiawa, a community in the Amenfi Central Constituency of the Western Region.

The situation, according to reports from the community, has generated series of protests among the youth.

A resident, who narrated the incident to Connect FM, indicated that the deceased was shot dead after he was seen at the premises of the Chinese miners in the wee hours of Thursday, June 29.

It is unknown what mission the deceased had on the premises of the Chinese miners but it is alleged that he was there to steal their black sand containing raw gold.

“They fired multiple shots at him. They first shot his leg, he was not dead and started begging for mercy but they went ahead to shoot his head, back and chest. He was quickly rushed to the clinic but was pronounced dead on arrival,” a resident in the community narrated.

The suspect has since bolted from the community after committing the crime.

A few hours after the shooting incident, some angry youth in the community took to the street to protest the death of the young man.

They are reported to have invaded the premises of all the known apartments occupied by Chinese illegal miners in the community, asking questions about the death of their colleague.

They are also reported to have destroyed some property belonging to the Chinese nationals.

One of the protesters indicated that they are being hunted by the police whilst the Chinese illegal miners are being protected to continue their work.

They claim the police in the district have made no attempts to arrest the security officer who shot the young man but have instead arrested some of the protesters.

“We were only protesting the death of our friend. We needed answers on why he was shot when he had not stolen anything as they claim. The police have instead been arresting the protesters. Some of our colleagues have been arrested and the police are on manhunt for the rest of us.

“So most of us are fleeing the community as I speak because we are afraid they will come after us. The Chinese illegal miners are still working with their macho men whilst we are fleeing,” one of the protesters, Nana Amoa, indicated.

According to some residents in the community, they have over the years been tormented by the activities of the Chinese illegal miners and their macho men.

“The macho men have been parading the community with pump action guns without any fear. They have been protecting the Chinese illegal miners all day and night.

“They hold the pump action guns on the streets every day and nobody dares say anything to them,” another resident, Kwaku Takyi, indicated.

Assembly member of the community, Ebenezer Obimpeh, said the situation is currently under control.

According to him, members of the community who were arrested have been granted bail after they were paraded before the court.

Several calls and text messages to the mobile phone number of Patrick H. Amponteng, the Amenfi Central District Chief Executive, have since gone unanswered.

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