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Magistrate abandons official bungalow over galamsey activities

Ongoing mining at the back of the bungalow of Nkroful District Magistrate is affecting her health

The Regional Administrative Officer in the Western Region has disclosed that the Nkroful District Magistrate has relocated due to the disturbing activities of illegal miners close to her residence.

According to the officer, several complaints about the disturbing development that is threatening Magistrates’ health have fallen on deaf ears.

“The ongoing mining at the back of the bungalow is affecting her health as the galamsey takes place during day and night depriving her of the needed rest/sleep. Also, the chemicals used in the mining activities and the noise from the area are having an impact on her health.


“The galamsey activities ongoing poses a great threat to her life as there have been a series of clashes involving the galamsey operators within the area,” the Regional Administrative Officer, Diana Naana Asiam reiterated in a letter to the Ellembelle District Assembly in the Western Region.

Attached is the full letter


Source: starrfm.com.gh

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