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Lady curses boyfriend for dumping her



A young Ghanaian woman who feels betrayed has posted a brief video of herself cursing her ex-boyfriend Kwabena with heavy oaths.

This young lady by the name of Monalisa claims that her ex-boyfriend has made a fool of her despite the undivided love and care she showed him when he was destitute.

Monalisa explained in the viral video that she was the one who fed, clothed, and housed Kwabena when he was unemployed, but that he left her for another woman after he obtained a well-paying job.

GH woman curses ex-boyfriend to death for breaking up with her (Video).
Monalisa, unable to endure a sense of betrayal, has beseeched the gods to take Kwabena’s precious life in order to exact vengeance.

According to Monalisa, modern men are not willing to pardon women who dump them despite lavish expenditures.

Then she has opened the floodgates for other women to learn from her experiences when they feel betrayed by other male companions.

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