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Kumchacha and Socrate Safo in heated exchange over ‘hungry man’ description



Prophet Kumchacha and Socrate Safo have been captured in a heated argument over who best fits the country’s presidential position or has excelled during their tenure.

Halfway through a discussion on Okay FM, these two individuals who tried to portray their respective governments in a good light ended up slamming each other.

Kumchacha, a presidential hopeful cum NDC sympathizer, and Socrate Safo, an appointee of the current NPP-led administration flared up whiles boasting about the achievements of their governments.

Prophet Kumchacha, while ironing out his points, vowed to leave Ghana for abroad and quit his pastoral profession should the NPP regain power.

“If NPP members regain power in this forthcoming 2024 elections, I will relocate from this country. I am telling you the truth. I will stop being a pastor as well. Either they vote for me, Kyiri Abossom, or President Mahama,” he stated.

However, Socrate Safo, insisted that former president Mahama has nothing better to offer Ghanaians.

While making his submissions, he described Kumchacha as a ‘hungry man’ who is speaking out of desperation.

“When I look at the person talking and all that he is saying, it only tells me one thing. He is thinking about his stomach only. Mahama is not new to us. What has John Mahama been able to do for you? We all saw him when he was in power. What did he do that will make us bring him back?

“Are you okay? When he was president and unemployment was high the economy was in a mess, and people were complaining, he said he wasn’t a magician to solve such problems. And you want this person back here? Are you correct? What did he do for you? You are following him yet you are hungry.” he fumed.

Peeved with Socrate’s rants, Kumchacha replied: “I can look after you and your family. Withdraw your statement now! Who is hungry? I have been in this job for 25 years. You are with the NPP in power, yet you are hungry. You are a very wicked person. Don’t spew rubbish. There is nothing wrong if he wants to come back. He is also a human being.”

Watch the video below:

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