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Kumawood star shares heartbreaking account of her daughter’s passing



In a candid interview on One Ghana, she narrated the sequence of events that unfolded, shedding light on the challenges and emotional turmoil she faced during this difficult time.

On Monday, a seemingly ordinary day, Nana Yaa Appiah’s world took a devastating turn when her daughter didn’t go to school.

Concerned about her daughter’s education, she decided to investigate the matter further. Little did she know that this was the beginning of a heartbreaking journey.

“When I asked her why she was home and didn’t go to school, she simply replied that she wasn’t sick,” Nana Yaa Appiah shared.

This response puzzled her as she knew her daughter never took her education lightly. Sensing something amiss, Nana Yaa Appiah persisted in understanding the situation.

Naa Adoma, her daughter, insisted she was not sick but would go to school the next day. However, Tuesday came, and once again, Naa Adoma did not attend school.

Nana Yaa Appiah, concerned for her daughter’s well-being, threatened to take her to the hospital if she didn’t comply.

Naa Adoma, determined to go to school rather than visit the hospital, resisted her mother’s advice. Frustrated, Nana Yaa Appiah resorted to stern measures.

“I got angry and took off my slippers to hit her,” she recalled. This unexpected turn of events prompted Naa Adoma to finally agree to go to the hospital.

The diagnosis was a shock. “Naa Adoma was diagnosed with an infection and malaria, and her blood level was low,” Nana Yaa Appiah shared, her voice filled with sorrow.

The gravity of the situation began to sink in. It was clear that her daughter’s health had deteriorated significantly.

“After Tuesday, I went into my daughter’s room, and she looked like she was going to die,” Nana Yaa Appiah said, her voice trembling with pain.

Overwhelmed by a mother’s intuition, she made a solemn decision. her daughter would not spend another night at home. However, Naa Adoma insisted she was fine.

The doctor confirmed the severity of the situation, but Naa Adoma’s stubbornness persisted. She preferred to sit outside when the lights went off, claiming it was too hot indoors.

Concerned about her daughter’s condition, Nana Yaa Appiah sought solace in the hospital staff’s reassurances.

The heart-wrenching tale takes a devastating turn as Nana Yaa Appiah narrates the final moments of her daughter’s life.

“I was home when they called me that my daughter was in a critical state and that she needed blood,” she recounted. Rushing to the hospital, she was filled with fear and trembling.

While desperately searching for blood donors, Nana Yaa Appiah received conflicting information.

The doctor initially stated that the blood they had was sufficient, only to be followed by another nurse’s call, which was abruptly interrupted. Unbeknownst to her, Naa Adoma had already passed away.

“When I got to the hospital, my daughter was lying there dead,” Nana Yaa Appiah tearfully shared.

The shock and devastation she experienced upon realizing that her daughter had died, compounded by the realization that the hospital staff had withheld the news, is beyond comprehension.



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