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King Nazir admits disrespecting Shugatiti, cites pressure to collaborate in film



During an interview with Zionfelix, he explained that he faced immense pressure from the public to collaborate with Shugatiti on a film.

King Nazir admitted that he did not handle his interactions with Shugatiti on Twitter well, but he emphasized that he wasn’t seeking sympathy or making excuses for his behaviour.

He acknowledged that the pressure from public opinion and the demand to create a movie with Shugatiti had taken a toll on him.

“I believe I could have handled my interactions with her on Twitter better, although I want to be honest here. I don’t want any sympathy or excuses. Regarding my perspective, I was under a lot of pressure from public opinion,” he disclosed.

He further revealed that there had been significant demands and requests from people for him to collaborate with Shugatiti on a film, a sentiment that persisted even during the interview.

King Nazir shared that both he and Shugatiti had gained significant attention across social media platforms, accumulating over 100 million and 200 million impressions respectively.

They had even trended in two African countries and garnered substantial interest in the United States.

“The interest was substantial. Based on the technical aspect and the data I have gathered, Shugatiti and King Nazir collectively accumulated over 100 million and 200 million impressions, respectively, across social media. We were trending in two African countries, and it generated a lot of interest here in the United States,” he explained.

King Nazir expressed his strong determination to capitalize on the opportunity while it was still relevant.

He admitted that he was concerned about not being able to reap the necessary financial benefits if they didn’t seize the moment.

However, he acknowledged that his disrespectful behavior towards Shugatiti was a result of the pressure he faced from the public to collaborate with her.

“There was immense pressure to make it happen, and I am always determined to capitalize on opportunities when they are relevant. Sometimes, such moments can pass, and my concern was that if we didn’t seize the interest people had in that particular moment, we might not gain financially from it,” he stated.

It’s worth noting that on March 2, 2023, King Nazir offered to assist Shugatiti in experiencing an orgasm after she disclosed that she had never had one.

However, two months later, Shugatiti, whose real name is Abena Serwaa Frimpong, revealed that she had blacklisted King Nazir due to his disrespectful behavior towards her, especially in their private messages.




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