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It was disgusting to eat food cooked by my brother’s girlfriend – Kafui Danku



The actress, for some time now has raised concerns about the way some girlfriends perform marital duties in a relationship.

According to her, women who go the extreme in their relationship just to prove their worthiness to men are rather not taken seriously.

In an interview on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz 103.9 FM, she recalled how she was unable she eat a portion of food prepared by her boyfriend’s girlfriend adding that she was very hungry that day but because the food was prepared by the lady, she refused to eat it.

She further stated that to her, the woman was desperate and thought that shouldn’t be the right thing to do in a relationship.

“I have a brother who has had girlfriends. There was this girl I know that they were seeing. One time I came back home, I lived with him so I was like I am hungry, have you had something to eat? He was like so, so and so came here and she cooked and I was like she cooked? I was soo disgusted”.

“As a girlfriend why would you cook? To me, you are desperate. You are looking for something. You want to please us. Because you are supposed to be the price. You have to know your value. I was hungry but I didn’t eat the food. I was super disgusted,” she said.

Kafui Danku went ahead to say that upon all that the lady did, they both break up.

She also stated that men prefer to be with women who challenge them but not ladies who always do their bidding.

“They are no more seeing each other and now my brother is seeing someone else. I saw this girl; she is soo pretty. I asked if she also cooks and he said this girl does not cook oo. They are still together. It is a challenge; they need a new challenge”, she added.

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