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‘It seems you want to see something’ – Schwarzenegger issues stern warning to Ohemaa Woyeje



This is because Afia has issued an intense warning to her former best friend after unfollowing her on social media.

Earlier, Afia Schwarzenegger took to social media to express her disappointment in the Angel FM presenter after she granted an interview to her nemesis (Ayisha Modi), on Wednesday, August 16, 2023.

Afia got infuriated because she felt betrayed that Ohemaa Woyeje was associating herself with her enemies.

In reaction to this, Afia unfollowed Ohemaa Woyeje on social media.

That’s not all, she stormed Ohemaa’s page to emphasize that she no longer sees her as a friend.

However, after all that ensued between them, Afia went ahead to like one of Ohemaa Woyeje’s Instagram posts and the latter has since been astonished.

‘Bibiara bƆkɔɔ deƐ. You guys should take a sip,’ a confused Ohemaa wrote

Shortly after, a displeased Afia took to social media to state, that liking a post Ohemaa shared doesn’t mean their friendship has been re-ignited.

She also warned her to stay out of her business or face her wrath.

“Don’t be carried away…If your conscience is not judging will know this is and will forever remain a mistake…Be very careful Adwoa…you want to see something ehhh.”




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