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If a woman starts developing feelings for you, she will ask you these questions

It takes men an average of 88 days to experience the sensations of genuine love, whereas it takes women an average of 134 days to experience those same feelings.

Another online dating service, Elite Singles, was surveyed in 2017 and found that while 61 per cent of women believe in love at first sight, 72 per cent of men subscribe to this theory. These polls focused on connections between people of different orientations.
She may ask about your ideal woman.

A woman must delve deep to discover what males find beautiful about the female company. If a woman finds out that your preference isn’t the same as hers, it may demean her.

They want a man who is genuine, devoted to his family, honest, trustworthy, and considerate of others.

Most of the time, a woman searches for a man who would treat her with love, care, and respect while avoiding any kind of drama. Therefore, if you want your crush to fall in love with you, you need to show her the greatest version of your personality.

When did you arrive on earth?

Only careful women will ask about your birth month. This is a common inquiry in case you and she were born in the same month. I should give it to you on your special day since she may also give you a crescent.
She’ll ask about your photos.

She wants to hear about your family, home, schooling, and future ambitions.

Women like smart, ambitious men. She may like you more if you give her the proper, distinctive answers.
She might like your day’s plans.

A woman’s kind thoughts are significant for many reasons. Long-term, she starts to dominate your events.



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