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I gave hubby early morning dick ride – Marriage counsellor says as they celebrate 8th wedding anniversary

A relationship and marriage coach, Jane Chukwu generated a buzz on the social media platform, Facebook with a post from her wedding anniversary.

Jane, who is celebrating her 8th wedding anniversary shared a series of suggested photos with her husband as she showered praises on his sexual abilities.

According to her, his penis can make a novice at dick riding become an expert.

She said that she rode his manhood to stupor in the early hours of the day because she woke up feeling horny on the occasion of their anniversary.

She further stated that in the early stage of their marriage, she was scared of his manhood, presumably because of his size, but now she has learned how to satisfy him and herself.

Read her full post below

“I woke up this early morning super excited and horny, I just gave hubby early morning dick ride, after the whole ride and sweat with heart pumping and beating he said today is our wedding celebration anniversary, I didn’t even know the date or what it meant but I knew I woke up feeling energized,” she wrote.

I often remember and celebrate the traditional marriage day which was Dec but to fulfil all righteousness we decided to celebrate the marriage by wearing white gown and inviting people to come and eat which wasn’t even necessary, bride price is the main thing, white wedding celebration is just jara.

Happy wedding celebration to my own special amu di ike, the only amu that makes learner rider an expert, the kind hype wey you give me this morning don motivate me to learn this my dick riding very well.

But you know say I regret say you spend that money for music, food and drink and transport we carry go do that celebration because for one week we no see food chop but you empty your small account to call those people wey no even sabi us, anyways ya di ba.

My joy in this celebration season that includes your birthday in few days be say, I don learn how to satisfy you s3xually and all rounds because for money that one na sure banga, as your mining pit open we go flex am.

But you too dey worry sha, I wanted to run away during our early stage but after 8 years together, I no dey fear you again o, I don learn your matter very well and I dey enjoy myself now.

If I been run comot I for miss all this enjoyment so thank God say I calm down. This picture reminds me you face when I’m doing a good riding job on you.

Marriage is not difficult, let’s learn to enjoy every bit of it and learn to let go of tiny things that can destroy it. Men aren’t difficult just find their mumu button, press am, them go calm down for you o. Happy Monday, enjoy your day.”

See her post below:


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