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‘I dare you to stop us’ – Dr. Likee engages in heated confrontation with Achimota Mall security over skit permit



Reports suggest that Dr. Likee, also known as Ras Nene was unexpectedly denied access by the mall’s security team during an attempt to shoot a skit with Ghanaian socialite Efia Odo using the Mall as their location.

It is not known if the actor had sought prior approval for the shoot. However, upon their arrival at Achimota Mall, his crew were abruptly confronted by a stern security team.

The security personnel, responsible for maintaining order and safeguarding the mall’s premises, wasted no time in informing Dr. Likee and Efia Odo that shooting skits without proper authorization was strictly prohibited.

Dr. Likee, known for his quick wit and spirited personality, refused to back down easily.

He passionately argued his case, drawing attention to the incident involving Meek Mill at the State House in Ghana.

The American rapper had seemingly been allowed to capture photos and videos without restrictions, leading Dr. Likee to perceive a double standard.

Driven by frustration, Dr. Likee engaged in a fierce debate with the security personnel, asserting his rights as a public figure and an entertainer.

His aim was to emphasize the importance of equal treatment and fair opportunities for artists in the creative industry.

The confrontation between Dr. Likee and the security team escalated, with both sides standing their ground.

Witnesses at the scene were captivated by the intensity of the exchange, as Dr. Likee fearlessly challenged the security team, daring them to stop him.

“Are we from Togo? Aren’t we all Ghanaians? Weren’t we in this country when a foreigner came to shoot a video at our seat of government, What happened to him? Don’t we shoot here all the time? So why do you want to deny our rights? We will go ahead and I dare you to stop us and see what will happen here,” a furious Dr Likee shouted.

A video of the incident has quickly spread across social media platforms, drawing attracting a myraid of criticism.

Some critics have expressed solidarity with Dr. Likee, applauding his determination to fight for his creative freedom and fair treatment.

Others believe the actor failed to observe protocols and rather overstepped his boundry.

The outcome of the confrontation remains unclear, but has sparked a larger conversation about the challenges faced by artists in Ghana’s entertainment industry.

Ghana’s biggest YouTube content creator, Wode Maya in solidarity with Dr Likee posted on Twitter saying “Is there any other continent apart from Africa that you need to ask for permission to shoot a video around a Shopping Mall,train station,Airport & so called public areas?When i was based in China I literally filmed everywhere & sometimes you even get paid to film in such areas. This village mentality needs to stop in 2023!”

In another tweet he added that “It’s about time content creators in Africa unite & speak against harassment while filming at public areas…The New Digital Media is here & you all should get use to it..”

Watch video of the confrontation below:



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