Former Member of Parliament for Nabdam Constituency and the current diplomat to Burkina-Faso Amb. Boniface Gambila has said, he is extremely excited when there is a food shortage in the country.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with this reporter on Friday, December 3, 2021, Boniface Gambila observed that farmers are not properly regarded by the people for their hard work and contribution to the country’s food supply.

He believes, ordinary Ghanaian lament so much each time there is an increment in prices of goods and services in the market, which to him, is so problematic and worrying.

“Sometimes, am happy when there is food shortage because people will then begin to see the importance of agriculture or farmer. When there is a food shortage am happy because people don’t see the value of the farmer. When they are going to buy from the farmer, they want it cheap. We are not paying the right price to the farmer and so, the farmer is discouraged to do farming.

“How can a farmer go to the market to sell maize and people will be crying that price of maize has gone to Ghc 300.00 per bag? That last year it was Ghc 100.00 and this year is Ghc 300.00. So, they want the government to bring it to Ghc 50.00 for the farmer to lose? This is because we don’t value the farmer. So, do you think the following year the farmer will go back to the farm again? So, for me, I always pray that there should be a food shortage, then the farmer will make more money and our own rural people will be happy to farm,” he intimated.

According to him, he is very excited with the government policy of One District One Warehouse, which to him, will inure to the benefit of farmers as far as post-harvest losses is concerned.

“That’s why am happy that, the government has these warehouses, so that when they farm they can store the maize in the warehouse and lock it, cause food shortage in the area and when the price goes up, then farmer takes his maize and come and sell and make better money. So that they can build better houses, buy a better car, those who are married will marry a better wife and produce better children,” Amb. Boniface Gambila emphasised.