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How Arnold described Funny Face accident



Entertainment journalist and pundit, Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo, has expressed the view that Funny Face should be held accountable under the law for the harm caused as a result of the comedian’s drunk driving incident.

On March 25, 2024, Ghanaian comedian, Funny Face was involved in an accident at Kasoa in the Central Region.

Reports had it that Funny Face knocked down five people, which included a mother, her two children, and two motorcyclists.

One of the children was said to have died on the spot, but it was later revealed that he was rather in critical condition and receiving treatment. The comedian is said to have been drunk while driving, and that caused the accident that day.

Ghanaians have expressed their sentiments on the issue, and some have suggested that the comedian needed prayer intervention considering his marital issues, but others seem to think otherwise.

Entertainment pundit Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo disagreed with those making excuses for Funny Face as he said the comedian has caused great damage to the people he knocked down, hence, must face the law.

He described the excuses given by such persons as lousy, stating that Funny Face’s actions could not be justified. Arnold, without equivocation, said the showbiz personality must face the consequences of the harm he had caused the victims especially when he was said to have been drunk and overspeeding.

“It’s quite annoying how some of us are trying to find excuses for Funny Face. We have to face reality. I hear people say we should pray for him, but we all need prayers. We are all going through it. Prayers will not solve the problem. The excuses people are giving to cover his deeds are lousy,” he said.

“Reports we have now show that the legs of one of the victims have been amputated. One of the victims also has internal bleeding in his brain. The police did their investigations and found out that the guy was drunk while driving, and he also caused harm. He needs no prayers, and he must face the law. If there’s a law that punishes people who commit such a crime, then he must go through it. We have to face reality. God didn’t ask him to get drunk. Reality shows that he has committed a crime, and he must face the consequences of his actions,” he added.

The entertainment pundit made these utterances on United Showbiz, which is aired on UTV and hosted by MzGee.

Real name, Benson Nana Yaw Oduro Boateng, Funny Face found fame after starring in a popular sitcom Chorkor Trotro. He is also known by other aliases like SwagOn-Papa and Children’s President.

He has been embroiled in a messy relationship issue in recent years with his baby mama, Vanessa, which issues led a court to refer him for psychological evaluation.

He is also on record to have admitted to battling depression at a point.

In recent rants, he attacked his baby mama on social media accusing her of scheming to take their three children away from him forever.

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