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How 22-year-old Sandra Ababio became pregnant for a 50-year-old while dating another man



Taking her turn on The Delay Show, which was aired on Sunday, September 3, 2023, Sandra said she got into a relationship with the 20-year-old whom she named Kay through her brother. After the sexual encounter with Kay, Sandra said she became a different person as she pierced her ears, and had fun, among others.

“Immediately after senior high school, I attended Centre for Languages and Professional Studies where I studied Bi-lingua Secretaryship,” she recalled in the Twi language. “I was still a virgin at the time and hadn’t even seen the nakedness of a man before.”

“I met someone called Kay; I got to know him through my elder brother because they were friends. I was 20 at the time and he was the one who broke my virginity. After he broke my virginity, I changed and started living my life, having fun.”

As she went on to enjoy life, she encountered another man in her community.

“He showed interest in me and I said yes to him,” said Sandra. “I was still with Kay, cheating on him with the man and he [Kay] could call me on the phone expressing fury but I wouldn’t be bothered.”

“The man impregnated me. He was in Ghana after sixteen years of living in London. He was a mature man, almost 50 years old. He told me he’s not married.”

Narrating how their path crossed in the interview monitored by GhanaWeb, Sandra said the man “had been showing interest in me but I wasn’t giving him the attention. He seemed to have told some elderly men how he felt about me so whenever I went out to buy something, I would be told he had communicated his feelings to them. They would send me to deliver items to the man and that was how I got pregnant for him.”

According to Sandra, she later discovered that the man lied to her. She mentioned that the man had told her he had divorced and had only two children only to find out he rather “had five children and he hadn’t divorced the said wife.”

“It was when I got pregnant that he told me he couldn’t marry me because he wasn’t divorced,” Sandra said. “He had come to do knocking after he impregnated me and I stayed with him at his house at Regimanuel Estate. We stayed under the same roof for about six years.”

Sandra’s daughter is now fifteen. Although she is no more with the father of her daughter, Sandra said the baby daddy has been catering for their child.



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