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Here is what happened when Afua Asantewaa visited Sam Korankye Ankrah’s church to thank God



During the service, Afua Asantewaa opened up about the hurdles she had to overcome citing the fact that there were attacks on her on the second day, but it took the intervention of God for her to overcome and continue.

Rev. Sam Korankye Ankrah took the opportunity to appreciate Afua Asantewaa’s efforts and prophesied that she would prevail in her quest to break the longest singing marathon by an individual in the world.

This is how the conversation panned out between Afua Asantewaa and Rev. Sam Korankye Ankrah during the Thanksgiving service.

Sam Korankye Ankrah: Afua, how many songs did you sing from Dec 24-29?

Afua Asantewaa: 120 songs and a few others that came along the way.

Sam Korankye: What was it that kept you when you felt tired and wanted to give up?

Afua Asantewaa: It was Psalm 23. I had the Bible with me before the attempt. I had the zeal to not leave my Bible behind. On the second day, I lost my voice totally, I didn’t know what was happening and it was beyond medical treatment. We had an attack which was meant to shut the whole process down. So, I opened Psalm 23 which reads, ‘the lord is my shepherd and I shall not want.’

Sam Korankye: My spirit is telling me I should prophesy that for what you have done for black Africa, God is going to open a door for you in the international world. As we are waiting for the verdict from the Guinness Book of Records, the lord has already stirred their hearts and the result is in your favour.

Afua Asantewaa’s Guinness World Record ‘singathon’ journey ended on Friday, December 29, 2023, after she was able to achieve 126 hours which surpasses the 105-hour record.

It remains to be seen whether she will be adjudged as being able to break the record upon review by the Guinness World Records team.

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