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Happy Birthday To Ever Gorgeous Pilot Queen Princess Duncan



The Deputy CEO of COA Research and Manufacturing Company Limited and the reigning Pilot Queen, Princess Duncan, celebrated her 25th birthday, soaring to new heights both in the skies and in her distinguished role at the company.

Known as Nana Akua Ahenesima I, she holds the esteemed position of Nkosuohemaa at Frante Sekyedumasi in the Ashanti Region, where her leadership echoes a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity.

Beyond her corporate role, Princess Duncan’s 25th birthday marked a significant milestone, drawing heartfelt congratulations from followers.

Her aviation journey not only adds wings to her professional portfolio but also exemplifies her dedication to breaking societal norms.

The sky is not the limit for this dynamic leader, whose endeavors serve as an inspiration to those aspiring to conquer uncharted territories.

Colleagues praise Princess Duncan’s unwavering commitment to excellence, acknowledging her pivotal role in propelling COA Research and Manufacturing to new pinnacles of success.

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