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Guru reveals source of feud with Kuami Eugene, advises him to not fight others’ battles



Seasoned Ghanaian rapper, Guru has come forward to shed light on the origins of the ongoing feud between himself and fellow artiste Kuami Eugene.

In a candid interview on Accra FM, Guru provided insights into the series of events that led to the misunderstanding between them.

The feud, which had escalated into a public dispute, according to Guru, had its roots in a simple miscommunication that spiralled out of control.

During the interview, he explained that the initial interaction between him and Kuami Eugene was a mutual agreement to collaborate, which was not related to the young artiste’s record label, Lynx Entertainment.

“What many may not realize is that this all started with a miscommunication. It’s a simple misunderstanding that took on a life of its own,” Guru stated during the interview.

He emphasized that the initial conversation was between artistes and not labels. It was a connection made on a common artistic ground, meant to lead to a productive collaboration.

Guru expressed frustration over the fact that the situation escalated into a public discourse when in reality, it was a private conversation between fellow artistes.

Addressing the rumours that he had approached Kuami Eugene for a feature on his song, Guru clarified that the conversation was about a potential collaboration, not a direct request for a feature.

He stressed that such conversations are often the starting point for negotiations that involve the respective managers of the artistes.

“When artistes connect and express interest, it’s the responsibility of the respective managers to carry the conversation forward, making the necessary arrangements. It’s a standard process,” Guru explained.

He further emphasized that record labels have the prerogative to decide whether or not to collaborate with another artiste, and no one should be coerced into partnerships.

Guru also expressed bewilderment over the public discourse that emerged following the incident.

He mentioned that accusations and questions about why he approached Kuami Eugene were not initiated by him.

Guru debunked claims that he sought collaboration after previous disagreements and clarified that this situation wasn’t about him versus anyone’s boss, but rather a matter within the industry.

The feud between Guru and Kuami Eugene gained attention in February 2021 when Guru released a diss song titled ‘Who Born Dog’ aimed at Kuami Eugene and his boss, Richie Mensah, of Lynx Entertainment.

This followed Kuami Eugene’s interview claiming that there was no way he was going to have a song with Guru because the rapper had disrespected Richie Mensah.

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