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God doesn’t speak to anyone, don’t mind any pastor who tells you so – Ajagurajah



According to him, God does not communicate directly with humans but rather communicates through angels, and not just any angel, but their superiors.

Speaking in an interview with Neat FM on May 30, 2023, Prophet Ajagurajah stated that, based on his knowledge from an angel he knows, only seven angels have had the privilege of seeing God so far.

He further dismissed any notion of pastors hearing the voice of God, asserting that it is impossible.

He added that even angels do not communicate directly with God but relay messages through their superiors.

“Every pastor who is in the whole world, Ghana or wherever the person is, and claims that God has spoken to him should come to me to challenge him with the Bible because he/she is lying. No God has spoken to anyone, and God hasn’t spoken to anyone before… God speaks to angels and not directly to individuals,” Prophet Ajagurajah said.

Furthermore, he shared insights from an angel, whom he referred to as Angel Ajagurajah, who supposedly informed him that only seven angels have had the privilege of seeing God.

He explained that when he questioned the angel about his personal encounter with God, the angel disclosed that he had not seen God. He explained that the vast distance separating their realm from where God resides prevents direct interaction with mankind.

“Even the angels don’t speak to God directly but to their superiors according to Angel Ajagurajah. He said God has said that only seven angels have seen him before. I asked him, and he said he hasn’t seen God before because where they are and where God is, there is a vast distance… So, if someone prophesies that he/she has seen God, that is not God, maybe an angel, according to what Angel Ajagurajah has told me,” he further added.




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