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Ghanaian men are at the mercy seat of goddess of love: Aphrodisiac

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Any meal or substance that arouses the sexual impulse, promotes veneral desire and boosts pleasure and performance is considered an aphrodisiac.

However, these medications have a long-term negative impact on one’s health. Aphrodisiacs are categorized into three groups based on their mode of action: those that improve desire, potency, or sexual pleasure.

Unfortunately, the promise of a simple and quick treatment through aggressive marketing may seem very nice, and occasionally individuals are so carried away by the effects they have on them that they simply seem to overlook or skip its potentially negative side effects.

While aphrodisiacs work by boosting blood flow to the genital areas, it can also cause a dangerous decrease in blood pressure. It may also cause nausea, dizziness, stroke, an increased risk of cancer, prostate enlargement, loss of consciousness, and severe headaches.

Besides, individuals do not think about the safety of these substances and consume them without knowing the consequences. Some aphrodisiacs have been demonstrated to induce liver damage and, in more severe situations, can cause liver cirrhosis, and this disease condition cannot be reversed.

It is also important to get medical guidance before deciding whether aphrodisiacs are appropriate for your situation. To preserve our men’s lives, policymakers must impose stringent regulations to restrict the massive influx of aphrodisiacs into the market.


Columnist: Kwabena Acheampong

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