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Things women love after Sex that men do not know

Nigerian controversial relationship therapist Blessing Okoro, also known as Blessing CEO, has used social media to reveal some of the things that other women constantly want their lovers would do to them after having sex with them.

The brand influencer who made this claim asserted that there are some things that women expect from their partners and husbands but do not receive from them in a video shared on her official Instagram profile. She also claimed that when these expectations are not met, women become irritated.

The CEO of Blessing claims that one of the things ladies appreciate is cuddling. He continues by saying that men should learn how to cuddle their spouses so they can feel their warmth rather than just walking out and leaving them alone like they are strangers.
Finally, Blessing’s CEO said that men should learn to appreciate their relationships as well, noting that this makes them feel cherished.

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