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Former BBC Editor applauds Amerado’s ‘Kwaku Ananse’



Amerado’s inspiring song “Kwaku Ananse” has captivated audiences of all ages and backgrounds. The most recent to applaud the rapper for his profound message is a former Deputy Editor at the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and the current Chief Editor for UN News, Ben Dotsei Malor.

Sharing a promotional video for the song’s remix on his Facebook page, Malor described the message as “uplifting.”
Intrigued by the song’s lyrics, despite not fully understanding the Twi language, Malor connected with the themes of resilience and perseverance. He described the song as “A Hustler’s Anthem” and expressed his desire for a full translation of the lyrics.

“Something determined about this – I think he’s about resilience: just stumbled upon this lovely and uplifting music #kwakuananseremix by Amerado Burner. not understanding all the Twi lyrics, but hearing, “life is a lonely journey” and “I’m a soldier” and I fear not. I fall and rise again. Feels like a hustler’s anthem. Well, I hope someone provides the full (translated) lyrics, please. enjoy,” he wrote.

Touched by Malor’s endorsement, Amerado responded to his post, expressing his gratitude.

Malor, who also served as Communications Director and Presidential Spokesperson to Ghana, revealed that he had been repeatedly listening to the song from his residence in South Sudan.

“Awesome, bro. Greetings from South Sudan. Repeating your song for the umpteenth time. God bless your hustle. God bless you more and beyond the shores of Ghana. Well done. More power to you,” Malor wrote to Amerado.
Amerado’s “Kwaku Ananse” is a powerful story of resilience, resonating with listeners in Ghana and worldwide.

Following the success of the original version released a few months ago, Amerado collaborated with ‘Notin I Get’ hitmaker, Famaye, to create an even better remix.

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