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Female EC official hooted, transferred after allegedly choosing wrong candidates for oldies, vulnerables



A female EC official who was identified as Ama Addo has been captured in a video being carried away by the police. While moving along with the police, she was being hooted by the people around for being a thief.

According to the reports, Madam Addo who was asked to direct some old persons and other vulnerable in voting their preferred candidates, rather chose to do otherwise.

The alarm was blown after an over seventy year old woman accused the EC official for misguiding her to vote number one(1) instead of the number two(2) she told her earlier on. The woman’s allegation subsequently generated tension which drew the attention of many people to surround the grounds.

An eyewitness who spoke to GhanaWeb disclosed that the woman nearly received mob brutality if not for the intervention of the police.

“We saw her doing it from the start until this that she was caught red handed. All blind persons and old women who came to vote were misguided by her”, she told GhanaWeb.

Ama Addo has since been taken away by the police.

Check out the video of the lady being taken away below:




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