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Empire Builders has observed with shock the defiance of management of Top Kings even when the Supreme Court of Ghana in its judgment ruled in the case of Empire Builders vs Top Kings and four others that “Top Kings (defendant) was declared owner of only one parcel of 22 acres and another parcel of 40 acres (39.5 acres)” which the aforesaid real estate agency have already exhausted and developed into ‘King’s Cottage’. The court further indicated that, 114 acres of the disputed area belonged to the Government of Ghana. It is worthy to note that, Empire builders subsequently purchased and paid Government of Ghana for the said 114 acres of land for its development .


It is therefore disturbing that Top Kings and The Nungua Stool would further encroach on acres of land that does not fall under its titleship while collaborating with the Nungua Stool, one of the defendants in the case to embark on this act of flagrant disregard and contravention of the apex court’s ruling and further courting public sympathy by alleging that, Empire Builders is preventing them from peacefully enjoying their property. Indeed although displeased with the outcome of the court, we have never challenged the fact that 62 acres was awarded to top kings and we have never tried to go onto their property.


Hiding behind the cloak of the Supreme Court ruling, Top kings has with the help of the Nungua Stool employed the services of the Southern Command of the Military under the auspices of Brigadier General Amoah Ayisi to offer them protection while they embark on their encroachment activities. It is regrettable but same is true, that, there have been deliberate attempts by using Omanhene and Asempa FM to slander Empire builders by creating the impression that, it’s chairman is openly defying the Supreme Court judgment whilst the reverse is the case.


Per the above, it is an act of transgression and contempt against the Court for Top Kings and the Nungua Stool to develop lands that does not fall under their remits.


Empire Builders is therefore admonishing the general public to treat all statements and publications from Top Kings regarding the aforesaid subject matter with the contempt it deserves.

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