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Empress ex-husband leaks her nudes online after divorce ?



Empress Njamah’s ex-husband has turned to revenge porn as a way to get back at her after their painful divorce.

Josh Wade, who used to be married to Empress Njamah, is said to have started putting naked videos of her on Whatsapp.

Josh had already told Empress in December that if she didn’t come back to him, he would put naked pictures and videos of her online to make her look bad.

Josh, a Liberian man, started a WhatsApp group on Monday and started posting naked videos of Empress that he took in her home, such as videos of her taking a bath.

People in the Whatsapp group that Josh made to share Empress’ naked video and pictures until the end of the year have asked the Nigerian Police to arrest him right away because it is illegal in Nigeria to share the nudities of other people without their permission.

Empress Njamah got a divorce from her husband in December after she said he hurt her.

The actress said on her personal page that she was forced to make the engagement video and that the man, who she says is from Liberia, had cheated her, beat her, and held her as a hostage.

Source: Club Mate

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