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Election 2024: Why Bawumia must lead the NPP



This Presidential primary is a make-or-break for the NPP party
The party can begin to shed the entrenched perception that it’s for Akans only…or it can seize the opportunity and prove beyond any shadow of doubt that it is for ALL Ghanaians … that it is a big tent party.
If we do the right thing, we can seal the NDC cabal in opposition for the foreseeable future as our party will grow more roots and gain more support in the non-Akan areas of the country (which are currently the NDCs strongholds).
By merit, by loyalty, by temperament or respect for people, by congeniality or affableness, by vision, by hard work, by eloquence/communication skills, by integrity….by any standard of measuring a good leader, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia checks all the boxes to the tee!
He’s been the hardest working VP we ever had. He’s been visionary. One could argue that he’s been the singular person that snatched victory from the incumbent president in 2016 and prevented the NPP from wallowing in perpetual opposition.
And how can we deny such a person our flagbearership and still have the effrontery to go around non-Akan areas and ask them to vote for us? People are not stupid. It’ll be indefensible. And the NDC will have a field day with it…telling non-Akans…”See! We told you! Even a visionary and capable non-Akan got rejected by them.”
And many level-headed Akans will be made so uncomfortable that they’ll punish the party (akin to the 2020 elections… especially the parliamentary one) by abstaining.
We just need to learn to count the vote. This should be a no-brainer.
The choice is actually whether we want the return of JDM’s NDC cabal…or we want to forever shed the perception that we are an Akan party by going with the most competent and personable VP we have ever known in our country since we became a country.
Source: John Bart Addo “Ohio USA”  & Ato Kwamena “Pennsylvania USA”


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