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Dynamite blast kills two, others injured at Abura Tetsi Quarry

Blasting at Abura Tetsi have reported killed two persons in the area

Two persons have reportedly died while several others were injured after a dynamite blast at a stone quarry site at Abura Tetsi in the Abura Asebu Kwamankese District of the Central Region.

Residents told Angels News’ Kwame Owusu Asante Shadrack that three people have lost their lives, while at least ten have also been injured in 2022 as a result of the stone quarry dynamite blasting in the enclave.

They also complained their buildings have become death traps due to huge cracks developing in their walls. Several buildings according to reports have also collapsed as a result of the constant blasting.

The residents also alleged that the company over the years perform its operations at night when most residents are at sleep causing fear and panic to them.

The Chief of Abura Tetsi, Nana Okogyeaman Preprah X speaking on the matter distanced himself from the activities of the blasting firm in the area and added that he had no knowledge about their operation.

He also questioned whosoever granted the blasting firm the permit to carry out their duties on his land.

“Barely two years they have been carrying the activities of blasting dynamite in this community, when they do so our buildings shake leaving cracks in the buildings. As to whoever gave them the permit to carry the operation or sold the land to them, we cannot tell. Is it the Minerals Commission that gave them the permit?

“The DEC claimed he is protecting his people, but I don’t know why he has been unbothered about this matter whiles his people are being polluted,” Nana Okogyeaman Preprah X noted.

A woman adding her voice said “all buildings in the area have now developed cracks because of the constant blasting of dynamites here [Abura Tetsi]. If it continues this way the entire community will collapsed.”


According to the residents the situation is so disturbing that they fear the health conditions of high blood pressure and asthmatic patients will worsen due to the growing practice of the act in Abura Tetsi and its environs.


Source: angelonline.com.gh

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