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Diana Asamoah flaunts Israeli man, claims he is the husband she prayed to God for



Diana introduces Israeli man as husband

In a video, Ghanaian gospel musician, Diana Asamoah, has flaunted an Israeli man she claims is the husband she prayed to God for before embarking on a Holy trip to Israel.

According to the gospel star in a video she shared on TikTok, no one should doubt her as she introduced a middle-aged man wearing a pair of sunglasses and an all-black attire.

“Ghanaians, this is what God has done. God’s miracles follow me. When I got to Isreal, this was the first thing I prayed about: I wanted an Israeli man. God has done well, this is he.

“The husband I have got for myself. We are bringing Israel to Ghana. This, don’t doubt it. Thank you all. My husband’s name is…[Pause]…What is your name?” she asks the man.

All this time, the man stood quietly looking amused at what Diana Asamoah was saying, probably lost with the whole introduction in the Twi language she spoke.

While her said husband stood amused, the gospel artiste smiled through her introduction as though she couldn’t believe it herself.

She did this presentation of her Israeli man wearing a beautiful long dress, coloured yellow with simple well-kept hair, braided in three big corn rows.

Although the worshipper recently made headlines following the fallout between her producer who doubles as her CEO, she seems happy and unperturbed by the news.

Emmanuel Anane Frimpong announced in a press release dated August 4, 2022, said he would no longer work with the gospel artiste.


According to the CEO, the gospel star derailed from the main reason they were brought together to work, with her attention channelled towards other things like her looks and many other things.




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