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Diamond Appiah arrested again for fraud



Moments after being released by the Circuit Court of Accra in connection with an alleged fraudulent land transaction, businesswoman Diamond Appiah has been rearrested.

The charge against her was dismissed by the Office of the Attorney through a procedure that was approved by Mrs. Evelyn Keelson, a Chief State Attorney.

She was nonetheless taken away by the police shortly after leaving the courtroom.

Diamond Appiah was detained and charged on January 17 of this year for allegedly engaging in a $30 000 fraudulent land transaction.

After pleading not guilty to the charge, Appiah, who is accused of selling Ayisha Modi a plot of property in East Legon Hills for $30 000, was given a bail bond of GHC 300 000.

However, the prosecutor, DSP Evans Kesse, informed the court in court on Monday, August 21, 2023, that the case had been forwarded to the attorney general’s office for guidance.

He claimed that as a result, a case withdrawal request was made.

As a result, DSP Kesse declared that the case “shall not continue” in accordance with the paperwork submitted by Mrs. Evelyn Keelson.

The prosecution had no case against his client, according to the accused’s attorney, and the use of the law to thwart justice was not for any reason.

While implying that the law is designed to serve the interests of justice, his client was subjected to inept action.

The court that His Honor presided over After hearing the arguments, Mr. Isaac Addo acknowledged that a Chief State Attorney had filed and signed such a process.

According to him, the accused person is entitled to be released after such a process has been filed.

However, it wasn’t immediately obvious why Diamond Appiah, who was grinning, had been released and then taken back into custody.

The complainant in the case, Ayisha Modi, was present in court.


According to the DSP Evans Kesse’s brief summary of the case’s circumstances, complainant Ayisha Modi is a businesswoman who resides in Adjiringanor, Accra.

He claimed that the accused, Diamond Appiah, lives in East Legon and works as a businesswoman.

The prosecutor, DSP Kesse, claimed that in 2020, the complainant was talking to one Johnson, a witness in this case, about purchasing a block of land for building purposes.

The accused, who overheard the talk, jumped in, according to him, and claimed to have a plot of land in East Legon Hills that she could sell to the complainant for less money.

According to the prosecutor, the defendant requested and obtained $30,00.00 in cash from the complainant under the guise of selling her a piece of land in East Legon Hills.

According to DSP Kesse, the accused led the complainant to a property in East Legon Hills, where she later met a man named Gustav who claimed ownership of the property.

According to the prosecutor, the complainant made repeated attempts to get her money back from the accused but was unsuccessful. She then reported the matter to the police, who then arrested the accused.

He said before the court that it was discovered during the inquiry that the accused did not possess any land in the area prior to defrauding the plaintiff.

“In her investigation cautioned statement, she admitted the offence. After investigation, she was charged with the offence and brought before this Honourable Court,” the Prosecutor told the court.


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