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Contracts, kickbacks and police payroll – Bugri Naabu ‘caught’ in new leaked videos



The new tapes comprising video recordings shows the former Northern Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party, Bugri Naabu in various conversations with yet-to-be identified individuals discussing several schemes.

In one of the videos, Bugri Naabu is captured sitting in his office where an individual is accusing him of short-changing he and others in a contract kickback scheme.

“The contract was given to Ben Kofi and Ben Kofi gave the contract to him. So it is not that me and him we know about IGP giving him the contract. That contract didn’t come, look at what they are telling me now.

“This particular contract, the job was given to Ben Kofi and Ben Kofi also intend subletting it to him… so tell me, are you halting any money for me to give to the boys or what?

“Because you said you got some calls from even vice president’s office people called you. Me I don’t know how they got your number but I called your sister and your sister told me the contract was ready, they are now going to do production.

“Now, I went to IG (Inspector General), IG too says the contract is completed. If you don’t want trouble, bring the money for me to give to the boys. Otherwise, I cannot guarantee you, the problem can come.

“So he told me that, today is Monday, he said today he is going to meet Ben Kofi, the person the contract was awarded to, they will discuss it and see if they can get some money,” Bugri Naabu is heard stating in one of the videos in a setting that looks like his office said to be located at Osu.

While the context of the said video is not quiet clear, one of three senior police officers implicated in an alleged plot to oust Dr Dampare during an appearance before a parliamentary committee, alleged a business relationship between the current IGP and Bugri Naabu.

Superintendent George Asare appearing before parliament’s committee probing a leaked tape in which himself and a Commissioner of Police are engaging Naabu in efforts to replace the IGP, alleged that the chief has benefitted from some contracts from the police service.

He held that it is their relationship that led the IGP to cause Bugri Naabu to record a private conversation between himself and other senior police officers after which the said recording was leaked.

“He has lied on several occasions. I have Alhaji Bugri Naabu on tape, everything he came to say here, on video in his office. His relationship with IGP and contracts, 40,000 boots contract…” he spilled before being stopped in his tracks by the chairman of the committee, Samuel Atta-Akyea.

Bugri Naabu during his testimony before the parliamentary committee admitted to having lobbied for Dr Dampare to become IGP

Bugri Naabu on police payroll

In another version of the new videos, Bugri Naabu is heard admitting to being on the payroll of the Ghana Police Service.

His admission was in a rebuttal to an unidentified individual who was accusing him of being on the payroll of Dr Akuffo Dampare.

“Chairman, let me tell you today, the reason why I set a lady for you is, the day we came to ask you about the CV you told us that you are not getting anything with Dampare and we made our investigation, Dampare is paying you… he is paying you GHC10,000,” he stated.

In response, Bugri Naabu refuted the claim and clarified that it was the police service that was paying him GHC10,000 every month for being an informant.

“Don’t tell me that he pays me GHC10,000; he doesn’t pay me, it’s the police… I don’t know, I receive GHC10,000 from the police and they tell me the security work I do as a paramount chief… when there is a problem I report to them,” he responded.

His accuser however maintained that the said payment is from the IGP and not the police service.

A disagreement over the issue ended in Bugri Naabu daring his accuser to go ahead and destroy him if he so wishes.


Last month, a number of senior police officers were captured in a leaked tape courting the support of Bugri Naabu to oust the current Inspector-General of Police from office.

According to the officers who identified as sympathizers of the ruling New Patriotic Party, the presence of Dr Dampare in office is a threat to the party’s ability to win the 2024 election.

Appearing before a parliamentary committee that has since been investigating the leaked tape, Bugri Naabu admitted to recording his conversations with the police officers to present to President Nana Addo Akufo-Addo as evidence of the plot.

However according to one of the officers involved in the tape, Commissioner of Police (COP) George Alex Mensah the recording was at the behest of Dr Dampare who ended up leaking their conversation with Bugri Naabu.

Meanwhile, the Ghana Police Service on Wednesday, September 9, 2023, announced the interdiction of all the police officers involved in the leaked tape.

“The Police Service has interdicted Commissioner of Police (COP) Mr. George Alex Mensah, Superintendent Mr. Emmanuel Eric Gyebi and Superintendent Mr. George Lysander Asare in connection with the audio tape which has become a subject matter of investigation by Parliament.

“The interdiction is to make way for disciplinary proceedings into their conduct in line with Police Service regulations,” the police statement read.

Watch the new tapes below:




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