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Communiqué from Concerned members of NDC Germany Chapter Event at Monchengladbach



We, the concerned members of the NDC Germany Chapter, the Youth Wing and Zongo Caucus, assembled at a monumental event in Monchengladbach on November 25, 2023, honoured the founders of the Germany Chapter and acknowledged them for their continued contributions to the organization and running of the Chapter despite being on suspension and hereby release this communiqué to articulate key resolutions and concerns stemming from our collective deliberations:

  1. 1. Unity over Division:

We express our strong desire for the party headquarters in Accra to prioritize fostering unity within the NDC Germany Chapter. It is crucial that decisions made at the central level contribute to the cohesion and strength of the chapter rather than being perceived as punitive measures against members who may hold differing views.

We appeal for an end to any tactics that promote division and urge for an approach that unifies our chapter, recognizing the diversity of voices within our party.


  1. 2. Unconditional Reinstatement of Suspended Members:

We affirm our collective call for the unconditional reinstatement of all suspended members of the NDC Germany Chapter. Recognizing their dedicated service and acknowledging the importance of inclusivity, we believe their reinstatement will significantly contribute to the harmony and success of our chapter. We urge the party leadership to consider this as a constructive step towards consolidating our strength and working cohesively towards the upcoming elections.


  1. Commitment to Conditional Financial Support:

In a spirit of unity and solidarity, we conditionally commit to financially supporting the party. This commitment is contingent upon the reinstatement of the suspended members of our chapter. We believe that their presence is vital for the collective success of our efforts, and their inclusion will inspire confidence among members. Our financial support is unequivocally tied to the assurance that our contributions will be directed towards a party that values inclusivity and recognizes the efforts of all its members.

We trust that these resolutions will be considered with the utmost seriousness, with the hope that they contribute to a stronger, more united, and purpose-driven NDC Germany Chapter.

In unity and commitment,

Comrade Taufik Sulemana – Chapter Zongo Caucus Coordinator

Comrade Maxwell Nartey – Chapter Youth Organizer


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