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AY Poyoo’s unconventional goat steals the show at Zionfelix’s birthday party



In a video shared by Zionfelix, AY Poyoo was casually passing by to greet the birthday celebrant when his mischievous goat tagged along.

To everyone’s surprise, the goat quickly found its way to the food table, where jollof rice and chicken was served.

Despite AY Poyoo’s efforts to stop his goat, it was too late, the goat had already started indulging in the delicious spread.

The artiste pleaded with those present to allow his goat to enjoy the unexpected feast.

As onlookers gathered, amused by the goat’s antics, it became evident that the goat had a particular liking for the chicken portion in the bowl.

The scene quickly attracted a growing crowd as more people arrived to capture the amusing sight of the goat relishing its impromptu meal.

Videos of the goat devouring chicken from the bowl became a highlight of the event, with everyone marveling at the goat’s unexpected fondness for poultry.

AY Poyoo’s encounter with his food-loving goat added a memorable and comical twist to Zionfelix’s birthday celebration.

The incident showcased the unpredictable and entertaining moments that can arise when animals become part of our everyday lives.

The goat’s impromptu feast provided laughter and lightheartedness, making it a standout moment that will be fondly remembered by all who attended the party.

In the world of entertainment, surprises often come in unexpected forms, and AY Poyoo’s goat’s escapade certainly delivered that in abundance.




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