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ATTC students in hot water after appearance in OliveTheBoy music video with school uniforms



These students gained fame for their impressive dance moves, which had previously gone viral within the school.

However, they now face potential suspension due to their involvement in a music video produced by Ghanaian Afrobeatz artist OliveTheBoy, in which they appeared wearing their school uniforms.

What has sparked outrage is the fact that they featured in this video, titled “Goodsin,” which includes explicit themes, particularly focusing on sexual affairs. This is a stark departure from the wholesome image they had previously maintained.

School authorities have expressed their displeasure and launched an investigation into why the students participated in the controversial video while wearing their uniforms, which goes against the school’s rules and regulations.

The students had initially gained recognition for their dance skills after a routine set to Ghanaian dancehall artist Stonebwoy’s “Apotheke” within the school premises. This time, they took their talents outside the campus.

The video quickly gained attention on various social media platforms and has left the school community divided. Some argue that students should have the right to pursue their interests outside of school, while others believe that their actions have damaged the school’s reputation.

The controversy has also sparked discussions about the responsibilities of educators and parents in monitoring and guiding students’ activities beyond the classroom. Many are questioning whether the students received proper guidance and supervision regarding their participation in such a video.

Currently, the school’s administration is reviewing the matter and considering disciplinary action, including possible suspension for the students involved. This incident highlights the challenges educators face in striking a balance between nurturing students’ creativity and upholding the institution’s values and standards.

As the investigation unfolds, the students find themselves in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons, with their futures hanging in the balance as the school decides on the appropriate course of action.




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