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Arrest and prosecute the perpetrators who want to evacuate the timber sellers at Ofankor Mos



Aftermath of the incident that took place at Ofankor Timber Market Mos, the Abease chief has charged the Ghana Police Service, National Security and BNI to arrest and prosecute the Perpetrators without fear or favor.
The question one may ask is the self-style claimant that she has obtained judgment that’s why she came with those so land guards and asking which family, or chief did she purchase the land from this what she must come clear.
Speaking in an exclusive interview with the media, the chief of Abeahenese, Nii Kotey Susubribi I counsel the Perpetrators and warned that such thing should not occur again on his forefathers land especially Ofankor to be presides.
He was worried about what the police said at the incident that took place at Kokrobite which claimed the life of their head of family and the police described him as land guard which he condemned it.
This act is wrong and is time the traditional authority in the Ga State must arise and protect their rights and properties.
He  was optimistic that by so doing it will help them identify their lost lands and those who have encroach their land without permissions.
Recently some presbytery are going round acquiring land in the name of building churches but later selling it to individuals and estate developers which is wrong and be delt with accordingly.
He call on the leadership of Presbyterian churches to ask their representatives in abase because their actions on the lands been given to them purposely for church is now divert to individuals and estate developers.


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