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Appiah Stadium shames NPP members at Alan Kyerematen’s sister’s funeral



Addressing a gathering at the funeral of Alan’s sister in Kumasi, on September 9, Appiah Stadium accused the NPP of embarrassing Alan.

He also bragged about the similarities between Alan and the presidential candidate of the NDC, John Dramani Mahama.

“If you look at his (Alan’s) forehead, he looks like Mahama… Alan was the one who trained me in politics but I saw the light because of Mahama and I was able to escape the darkness.

“You have gone silent now. Aren’t you ashamed of what you have done to him (Alan)? Look at what you have done to him,” he said in Twi.

Appiah Stadium, before taking the microphone, urged Alan to join the NDC when he went to commensurate with him.

“These people want to disgrace you. Join us. Help us to remove Akufo-Addo’s government,” he could be heard telling Alan in a video from the funeral shared by Ghanaian Citizen TV on Facebook.

Watch Appiah Stadium’s comments in the video below:

About Alan’s withdrawal from the NPP primaries:



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