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Ajagurajah fires back at Diana Asamoah for describing him as ‘world’s most dumbest’



Speaking on Angel FM, Diana Asamoah criticized Bishop Ajagurajah, describing him as an evil person who uses the word of God to hide his wrongdoings.

She went on to call him a clueless prophet who lacks knowledge of the scriptures.

Diana Asamoah also stated that Bishop Ajagurajah is only good at eating and nothing else.

Not shying away from confrontation, Diana Asamoah made it clear that she is not afraid of Bishop Ajagurajah, the leader and founder of the Ajagurajah Movement.

She expressed her readiness to face his insults, as he is known for his sharp tongue.

Additionally, she warned Ajagurajah’s followers to be cautious, claiming that he would lead them to Hellfire.

Diana Asamoah’s unexpected attack on Ajagurajah was triggered by his recent appearance on UTV, during which he made controversial remarks about the Bible.

In response, the leader of the Ajagurajah Movement has fired back at her.

Ajagurajah stated that he would not engage in a war of words with a woman who needs to fantasize about pornography before engaging in sexual activity with a man.

His intention was to imply that Diana Asamoah is not attractive.

He acknowledged that she had insulted him but stated that he would not stoop to her level.

The ongoing exchange of insults between these two individuals has attracted attention within the religious community and the public.

However, it remains to be seen how the situation will develop further as both parties stand firm in their positions.


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