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Afia Schwarzenegger rains heavy insults at Coded of 4X4 fame on live radio



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Thu, 24 Mar 2022Source:

Afia Schwarzenegger fights Coded of 4X4 fame

Afia Schwarzenegger labels coded an opportunist

Afia Schwarzenegger slams Coded over ‘dada damoase’ single

Afia Schwarzenegger has lambasted coded of 4X4 fame for what she described as riding off the death of her father to make a profit.

Coded released his new single, ‘dada damoase’, during the exact period Afia Schwarzenegger was preparing for the burial of her late father.

The phrase ‘dada damoase’ was birthed by Afia when she took to social media to thank patrons who at that time, graced her father’s one-week remembrance ceremony.

In some 10 appreciation videos earlier shared on her Instagram page, Afia was heard saying, ‘Dada da moase’, an Akan phrase which translates to ‘Daddy is grateful.’

Fans noticed her constant use of that particular phrase and it became a popular term spanning across social media.

Capitalizing on the buzz and demonstrating his showbusiness prowess, the former 4X4 member, also produced an amanpiano banger titled ‘dada damoase’.

But Afia who had since remained silent over the development has finally broken her silence.

In a phone-in conversation with Abeiku Santana, Afia said Coded’s ‘dada damoase’ song is a clear example of mockery.

She rained several insults at the musician who was seated next to Abeiku Santana in the studio.

This was after Abeiku called Afia to seek her thoughts on the song.

“I don’t know any foolish guy called Coded. I don’t know any stupid guy called Coded. I know wise people but I don’t know any foolish guy called Coded. I don’t know anyone who wants to ride on anything called Coded. So, don’t call me and ask about foolish people or foolish things. He thinks he has created that thing called a song. You are the ones who give people the platform to misbehave anyhow. I don’t need any apology. I answered the call out of the respect I have for you.”

In response, Coded who maintained a calm composure the entire period said,

“I don’t know why she is this way but when you go on Afia’s page, you can tell that she is an award-winning comedienne. Everybody can attest to the fact that the word she used and I repeated it in my song wasn’t a mockery to her father because that is very personal. If she is going on this way, I’ll respect her decision. I’ve known her for a very long time and she has been very supportive of our works. If she feels offended in any way, I want to use this medium to apologize to her.”

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