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Sex on the first date is a relationship interview – Medikal



Have you ever wondered why AMG Medikal dumped African Mermaid Sister Derby for Fella ‘Ayigbe Toffee’ Makafui? Well, the answers you’re seeking is here.

Soon your curiosity will be satisfied with the subtle right answer from Medikal himself via a post shared online.

The award winning rapper has indirectly lay bare the truth and reason why his once romantic relationship with beautiful light skinned Sister Derby didn’t last.

According to Medikal in a post, sex on the first date is nothing but a relationship interview.

He explains having an intercourse with someone on a first date doesn’t make him/her cheap but its a way of exploring the longevity of that person in the relationship.

Medikal further asserted that if the person ‘chopped’ on the first date gets a call back then it means that someone got approved.

Check out his post below;

From pure examination of his cryptic statements, Medikal is giving an account of why he settled on Fella.

It can be said, the ‘Accra’ hit maker after his encounter with Derby and Fella on his first date with them liked that of the latter’s hence calling her back again resulting in marriage.



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